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"Rooster" Bush started his first used car business in a tiny office under an "oak tree" outside of Lenoir, NC in the community of Whitnel in 1951. During the past 60+ years the Bush family operated two General Motor's dealerships, in Morganton and in Lenoir, and a pre-owned lot in Whitnel, NC. Bush Olds began in 1957 when the Oldsmobile franchise was purchased from the Herbert Smith family. This business was located on Willow Street in a livery stable and known as Lenoir Motors. In just a matter of a few short months Rooster had outgrown the location. The dealership relocated in 1958 to "Smith Crossroads" on Highway 321. Rooster began developing such a reputation for honest deals and quality service that people from all over the Southeast came to do business with him. In 1959 the Pontiac franchise was added with the GMC truck line to follow in 1960. Four years later, 32 acres were purchased just 5 miles south of Lenoir on Highway 321 to build a new dealership. The doors of a very modern dealership, set on a hillside, were opened in 1966 by this honest and fair car dealer uniquely named Rooster. In 1981, a Cadillac dealership became available in Morganton, NC and was re-named Bush-Denny. In just another few years Rooster became the sole owner and named his lifelong dream, of owning a Cadillac dealership, Rooster Bush Cadillac-Pontiac-GMC. In 2004 the Buick franchise was obtained to replace Oldsmobile and in 2005, Chevrolet was added to the Lenoir lineup to replace Pontiac. Rooster Bush then became the only GM dealership in Caldwell County. The Chevrolet nameplate was added to the Morganton dealership in 2007 to further satisfy the automotive needs of the area. In 1978, Barbara Bush, joined her father to learn the family business. In 2001 she stepped into the management role of the business, being one of GM's few women dealers. Over the years Rooster and Barbara have dedicated themselves to their community and their church and have received numerous awards

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